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The gay teen porn site Staxus has only been going since 2012, and already it’s giving some of their big names in gay porn movies a run for their money. They have 2,174 exclusive movies in full HD, and because of their updating multiple times a month, they continue to excite us with their models, and the great fuck-fantasies from vanilla to way-out kink.
Staxus have 502 twink models on their books, and most of these are from around Europe. They are Czech, Slovakian, Spanish, German, British, and even a few hung and young Russian guys, so expect to see a lot of guys with uncut cocks getting gently chewed and sucked on. A lot of the teen gay models are smooth and well defined, but some are hairy, inked and a few guys have piercings on their small dark nipples, and other places. The models are aged between 18-35, although most of them seem to be about twenty years old, there are a few hunky and horny daddies who love to show a tight young ass what it’s all about.

From vanilla to kink means that there is something for just about everyone here, and they cover most fantasies. These will be the usual cock sucking, ass fingering, mouth to ass, and a lot of bareback drilling. For the more adventurous of you, there is fisting, pissing, leather play, bukkake, doctors, and double penetration, just to mention a few. The models are first-timers and regular pornstars, and you will find gorgeous young models such as Jaro Stone, who is Czech and has a huge fat cock, Conner Rex, who is also Czech, Marcus Cambell who is British, and Spanish model Mike Cole, who is an exclusive gay teen star to – and you can preview all movie here for FREE.
These guys are like dogs on heat, and they need to bury their bone quickly. They fuck all over the house, in the garage, outdoors in public areas, and even on a moving train. There are not many solos if any, but what the do have are hardcore duos, threesomes, and some way out bareback orgies full of sizzling hot cum shooting out all over the place.
The scenes last for about 25 minutes each, and these can be downloaded or streamed in all kinds of formats, including one for most mobile devices, Mp4, and HD at 1,920 x 1,080. Just about every scene also comes along with its own high-resolution photo set, and these are downloadable in a zip file. Or, you can download the photos individually, or watch them in a hands-free slideshow.
The design of this site has been well thought about, and it has been made simple to navigate so you can get to what you want to see without any hassle, unlike some other sites.
Staxusis an award-winning site, and it’s easy to see why. The movies are in HD, the models are gorgeous, and the close-up action will have you reaching for the Kleenex. Time for companies like and Bel Ami to move over, has it all, and as they update multiple times a month, this could be one of the biggest gay, twink, jock porn sites available very soon. Enter here for more gay teen bareback

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BelAmi started back in 1998, and is still one of the best and strongest gay porn sites to hit the internet. The site itself is just as eye-catching as the young guys on it, and if you are into innocent looking young twinks, and hot jocks with big cocks, then this is the place to be. They have set a pretty high standard of gay porn, and over the years other sites have tried to simulate the same kind of package, but haven’t quite got there yet. This is an exclusive and explicit site, and offers us close-up ass fucking, sex with and without condoms, some amazing young guys breeding, and sloppy cream pies.
The models are aged between 18-24, smooth and sexy. The young twinks are sweet looking with smooth bodies, lovely cocks and assholes that beg to be fucked. The hot jocks are just as stunning but with well-defined hairless bodies with nice six packs. Some are inked, but not many of them. These guys are mainly Czech, Slovak or Hungarian, so expect lots of uncut cocks being pulled back and forth. Also, and just recently, they have also brought in American guys who spice things up a bit more as most of these have cut cocks.
BelAmi Online ( )update their site every day, and at this moment in time, they have 2,349 scenes that are in HD and can be downloaded or streamed in various different formats including a format for most mobile devices. They also have over 2,500 high-resolution photo galleries, and each gallery has approximately 50 photos in each set. As well as updating all the time, Bel Ami also remove the older scenes from the site to a VOD site, so members get to see them first, and included in their membership.
Bel Ami is an award-winning site, and in 2016, it won two awards, Gay Site Of The Year (XBIZ), and Best Video Site (Cybersocket). Over the years they have given us some really hot models who have turned out to become popular porn stars and moved on. They still have amazing models, and just some of those are Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert, Adam Archuleta and Trevor Yates and his amazingly huge dick.
As well as giving us solo scenes where the guys jerk off as they smile seductively into the camera, they also have duos, threesomes and some cumtastic orgies where they experiment with each others’ smooth young bodies. I am in heaven.
They also have a good range of 3D videos that will make you believe you are in the room with them as they suck cock, play with perfectly shaped butts, and sink their meat into sweet and tasty assholes as they fuck either with condoms or bareback.
As a member of this site, you can also leave comments about the scenes, or you can chat in a friendly community online and even have erotic discussions.
BelAmi Online has a lot going for it. It offers us high-quality gay porn movies at a low cost. The twinks and jocks will give you a throbbing hard boner, and it is one of the leading European, gay porn sites on the internet. Honestly, I know the saying is ‘You have seen the rest, now join the best’, and it does get a bit tiresome reading these sort of quotes, but in this case, it’s is very true.

William Seed – The new star at MEN

Eternity is a hardcore gay porn movie that has been filmed by Men, released by Gods Of Men, and stars two gorgeous guys with big dicks, William Seed, and all exclusive star to Men, Jordan Levine.

William Seed is pretty new to Men ( follow him on twitter here ) , and he is a gorgeous hunk with a well-toned body and a tight ass. He is five feet nine inches tall, has brown hair, brown (come to bed) eyes, and he is a hungry bottom with a seven-inch cut dick.
william seed

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This is William’s third movie with, and his other movies are: ‘Right In Front Of My Salad?’ with Jaxton Wheeler, and ‘How I Started,’ where he gets his ass ploughed hard and fast by Colby Keller.

Jordan Levine is an all exclusive star to, and he has a muscular body that is covered in some amazing tattoos. Jordan is a six-foot hunk with brown hair, sexy brown eyes, and he is versatile with a seven-inch cut dick and big balls.

Jordan has starred in fourteen gay porn vids, and in his next movie, he fucks the tasty ass off of Jeremy Spreadums in ‘Straight Secrets Part 1.’

Don’t expect a story line in this hot and horny gay porn movie, this gets stuck into the action straight away, which is something I love.

William Seed and Jordan Levine are kneeling up in bed kissing passionately. As they kiss, their hands are all over each other. Jordan pulls down William’s pants as he fondles and gropes his gorgeous firm butt cheeks, and shows us a taste of things to cum. He is the one in charge, and pushes William down onto the bed, pulls his pants off, and gets busy with his mouth as he sucks on William’s rock-hard cock.

William is stunning, and his eyes are glazed over with lust as he feels Jordon’s hot wet mouth sucking on his cock up and down, and playing with his big balls. Jordon gets so excited that he starts stroking his own cock as he carries on stroking and sucking William’s cock until it is covered in his saliva. William slowly thrusts his cock into Jordan’s mouth, and his cock gets so wet, that his balls even get covered in spit.

Jordan gets William on his knees, and as he is made to suck his cock, Jordan slaps William’s butt cheeks and strokes his firm ass all over. Jordan licks a finger, and as William carries on sucking his dick, Jordan circles his wet finger around William’s tight crack and starts finger fucking him. William pushes his ass back, and as Jordan finger fucks him deeper, William groans out with unabated excitement.

Keeping William on his hands and knees, Jordan moves around until his dick is aiming directly at that tight and tender butt hole. With a quick thrust, his cock is right in there, and William tightens his butt hole and clamps around that invading cock with a vice like grip. Jordan ploughs into that hungry ass and fucks him all over the bed.

Their moans and groans fill the room, and as William Seed gets drilled in the missionary position, his cum shoots out and splashes over his young body. Jordan Levine barely has time to rip off his condom before his cum cums out in thick creamy blobs and lands on William, who is still stroking his cock, and empty balls.

I love gay porn movies that get stuck straight into the action, and William Seed and Jordan Levine know how to turn each other on. Jordan loves to be in control and William loves to open up his ass for any sized dick that cums his way. This is cumtastic, and the close-up shots are such a turn on, that most of you guys will have cum before this movie ends. I did, then I did it again right at the end.

XXX Men porn stars plays Hide And Seek with happy ending

Hide And Seek Part 2 is a hunk Vs twink gay xxx porn vid that stars Will Braun, William Seed and Zack Hunter. This has been filmed by the award-winning xxx team at and has been released by Drill My Hole.

The movie

In Part 1 of Hide And Seek, Zack Hunter was found under the bed of Ryan Bones as he was trying to hide after trying to steal Ryan’s underpants (long story). Ryan punished his tight ass with his thick juicy xxx cock, and once he finished with him, he took him into another bedroom, and threw him over to his roommate, William Seed, to have fun with.
In this episode, William is lying naked on the bed, his legs stretched open, and as Zack Hunter has been thrown on the bed, he is eagerly sucking on William’s rock-hard cock. William grabs Zack’s hair and pushes his head up and down on his eight-inch cock, making Zack deep throat it.
Zack is in cock heaven as he goes down and licks William’s balls, and then he goes back to sucking on that juicy cock. William speaks dirty to him, and Zack starts to jerk himself off at the same time.
William then fucks Zack Hunter’s tight ass standing up, and then he fucks him in the missionary position. William pulls his cock out of that twink’s tight ass just in time to shoot a heavy load of cum over Zack’s body. Zack cums straight after and then runs naked out of the house.

William goes to lie down, and as he caresses his muscular body, he hears a noise coming from his wardrobe. He finds his new neighbour, Will Braun, crouching inside, and soon finds out that he has been spying on him. He pulls Will out of there, and straight on to his cock, which has already cum once.
It only takes a couple of sucks to make William’s cock hard again, and Will greedily takes every inch of it down his throat, as he plays with William’s hard dick.

The Men that love XXX Gay Porno

Will Braun is an all exclusive star to this adult xxx rated site, and he is a cute looking twink with glasses. He has brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, and he is five feet six inches tall with a seven-inch cut cock, and he is versatile.
Will Has starred in 80 gay xxx porno vids for, and in his next movie, Hide And Seek Part 3, he gets his ass drilled deep and hard by Ryan Bones and William Seed.
William Seed is a muscular hunk with a smooth body and a few tattoos. He is an all exclusive star to, and this is his fourth movie for them. William is five feet nine inches tall with amazing green eyes, and he is a powerful top with a thick uncut eight-inch cock. His first movie with is called ‘Closet Peepers’, and it is a hot and horny threesome, that also stars, Alexy Tyler and Shawn Hardy.
Zack Hunter is a thin, cute twink with scruff around his pretty young face. He is five feet seven inches tall and has brown hair, brown eyes, and he is a versatile bottom with a seven-and-a-half-inch uncut cock. This is only his second gay porn movie with, and in his first one, ‘Hide And Seek Part 1’ he got his cute ass fucked hard by Ryan Bones. Watch more of XXX Gay Porn at Male Galaxy – click here

Gods Of XXX Gay Porno – Diego Sans

It was just over one year ago (as I write) in December 2014 that Diego Sans appeared on our gay xxx screens. He made his advent in an Gods Of XXX Gay Porno, Jack Radley , ‘Early Riser’alongside, and made a hell of a film. Uncomplicated. Since then he is gone to produce a few other films with (and possiblyelsewhere) and has appeared with Jarec Wentworth a couple of times, and some other of the top models working for this excellent network.

If you wish to create this man happy all you have to do is take him and his dog, Bruce, to get a walk in the summer. What ’s the title about? Just one way to learn and that’s down download the picture and take a look. It starts off using the two men meeting up at Will Braun’s lakeside property in the woods, where he’s taking a swim. There are under stairway butlers and footmen having shady histories to share with all the tight lipped, tight-assed upper class above stairway, the younger and hot lords.

His lady has left him and there’s been a break up while catching up Diego Sans lets it all out. If you have you ’re really missing out. Will Braun has that ‘boy next door’ cuteness about him that even some of the exclusive gay porno xxx models for this site can’t get enough of. That comes in handy as, a little later, Diego Sans comes to find Will Braun in the garage after dinner (where his conversation of same sex rights didn’t go down nicely apparently). Will Braun is topless as he cleans the automobile and, when he puts his hands on Diego Sans, this scene changes. (These guys may be playing ‘old and younger’ but they’re equally matched.)

But hey! It’s equality when the guys begin to grapple with the flood gates of sexual repression as well as each other all round are opened up. And so it all comes pouring out for Diego Sans and Will Braun.Class differentiations are forgotten, as the guys grasp each other’s hard cocks and also the youthful master goes down on the chauffeur. Will Braun indicates that as they’ve nowhere to go to why don’t they do something, and says he’s feeling horny also? Diego Sans is shocked and tells him that in no way at all that is he gay, and smacks Will’s hand away from between his legs. He is got his bent over he ’s fucking his ass and smacking against his ass cheeks, as the youngmaster still in his white dinner top.

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‘Drill my hole’ have managed to get two hot gay men that are both debuting in their first hardcore xxx porno movie. After delivering his wife a txt stating that he’d arrived at his hotel-room, and that he was going to have an early night, the husband, played by Vadim Black, texts which he adores her before he phones an agency telling them how horny he’s; and can they deliver one of the ladies around to sort him out? Then he goes into the shower to get cleaned up whilst he waits for some sexy temptress to come in to his room.

Vadim Black seems amazing with just a towel wrapped around his easy midsection. Billy Santoro rubs against Vadim Black’s cock in the beginning through the towel, letting him get used to the feel. Billy Santoro is quite forward to the teenager and tells him that as he is heading from his way for him, then Vadim Black can go out of his way for him also. He is miles from home, and his girlfriend h AS just dumped him.

Vadim Black moans outside to the area with pure lust as he feels the warm damp mouth of Billy Santoro suck on his cock up and down direct to the foundation. (I don’t understand about you, but I’ve never been this fortunate in picking up men in my personal car.) Before he begins to kiss Vadim Black on his ‘straight man’s’ lips, then he continues to suck on his hard cock for a while.

As he feels the warm damp mouth of Billy Santoro suck on his cock up and down directly to the base Vadim Black moans out to the area with pure lust. Joey soon finds a spot, and they get comfortable in the back seat, where Vadim Black proceeds to suck on his hard cock. (See, I knew he wasn’t directly.) The camera goes into POV mode, as Vadim Black decreases in the front of Joey’s spread legs, and it’s easy to believe as he seems up into your eyes, this sweet young twink is sucking your own personal xxx gay cock at precisely the same time.

The story of a hot gay xxx show with cute porn stars

Gay porn Johnny Forza is prepared to do anything, which is excellent as see himself as a bottom that is flexible. He’s five-nine peak,weighs 200 Pounds and is a light-haired, blue eyed Virgo using a seven-inch cock. In Stepfather’s Key it’s all about elderly dads and their younger str8 step-lads, and in this scene it’s Johnny Forza who plays with the role of a horny stepdad and wants to try out some xxx action. When he played bottom to another gay pornostar warm top in another sceen Jacob Peterson was last seen back in May so this may seem just like an ideal spot to get it and That I’ve not had my gay twink fix for the day.
men gay porn
This gay xxx show starts off having a close-up of his attractive face, and gentle come to bed’ eyes. I am a lover of Jacob as it occurs, I’ve observed all of his 1-3 scenes created for , his first being back in 2012.And he’s kind of been up to his balls in twink butt plenty of the time, therefore Jacob gets warned to be cautious about Johnny Forza. When he home alone with Johnny and all of US know what that is going to lead to, particularly when step-dad is horny and there’s a twink in his residence. When he played bottom to Colby Jansen’s hot best in ‘We Love Porn’ Jacob Peterson was last observed back in May so this seems like a great spot to get it, and I Have not had my twink fix for the day.

As he begins telling the story the camera we see he’s nude. I am a lover of Jacob as it happens, I’ve seen all of his 12 scenes created for Sean Cody, his first being again in 2012. The conversation turns to what’s been going on and how Jacob may be jealous that his step-brothers he’sn’t and have had some dick that is Forza.

The cam goes down, as he begins telling the story and we see he’s naked. He gives it a superb long work out before Forza gets both his nuts in his mouth, while stroking younger guy’s shaft, functioning around them and goes down on Jacob.

They make eyes at each other, and he is followed by Johnny Forza back to his flat. Sometimes, as we all understand, no words need be said, particularly when it’s just raw lust which is going through your body, and also you may really feel the burst of electricity as it bounces backwards and forwards from the other individual. Here we’ve ploughing into his smooth, mild butt and got the wide and studly Forza holding down Jacob in the doggy placement, holding his hips hard and drilling deep as Jacob Peterson’s cock and balls hang low under. He offers it a fantastic long work out before Johnny gets both his nuts in his mouth, operating around them while penis is ’sed by stroking the younger guy and goes down on Jacob. And you can tell that it is being loved by Jacob Peterson as he gets drawn in all sorts of ways, doggy style on his again, from underneath.

The guy he fancies is played by Mediterranean appearing hunk Jacob. The activity moves to the bed, the men try several positions out until ultimately Peterson lets his juice fly onto his hairy stomach, soon followed by Johnny Forza’s. Even the sound of mom coming home doesn’t cease Johnny from capturing his step-father load over Peterson’s boyish easy and tattooed chest, and she’s perhaps not going to prevent you from downloading your personal juice either.

Judging from your sounds coming from Nicoli Cole as Jacob rammed his homosexual hard dick deep in to his crack in ‘Mistle Hoe,’ he knows exactly how you can turn on a guy, although he’s just been in one other hard-core arena before. Back to the warm and horny actions where Jacoband Johnny are now in the apartment: Their wet lips meet in front of the big glass windows overlooking the town and their tongues clash together right. The oral turns to anal play as Jacob Peterson gets a good rimming that is long from his old hunk, and then a nice, extended, slow ass gay xxx fucking. Johnny Forza fucks him on the bed, his dark, hairy cock plunging into Jacob Peterson’s sleek round buttocks before the twink cums on his furry torso.

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gay xxx porn starsThe gifted and very handsome guy it’s been filmed for one of the best xxx gay porn websites, and Damien Crosse starts away this warm and sexy film. We’re heading over to the united kingdom for now’s look at what’s new and warm from this adult site. ‘Direct Str8 To Gay’ truly understand just how to turn on so called ‘straight men’, as we could see from this amazing gay xxx hardcore show from the video.

In this hot film he opens a drawer starts in the kitchen, and discovers a framed picture of himself within. The three men freak out at first, but they do not have much of a choice, after learning that every place is full.

They start to kiss right away after Damien Crosse confesses he feels the exact same manner towards him. We get a good long ongoing view around his body, as the water cascades down his nubile young body, consuming his long, flaccid cock and all of the sexy tats. In this instalment, starring Jacob Peterson, he wonders into the toilet to discover a big muscle hairy bear, Damien Crosse, having a shower and wakes up nude.

As Jacob Peterson proceeds caressing his legs, feet, and butt cheeks Damien Crosse moans with excitement as he feels Jacob Peterson’s warm, moist tongue pierce his sensitive men ass-hole.You get over an average xxx porn movie with Gay Guys Of UK, and you’re heading to adore the way this plot is told and unfolds. The scenes reveal even better close-up pictures. The set up runs for a good five or six minutes and it is a while before we get to the actions, but that’s just fine.They try and love and either go home, or stick it out themselves – as long as no one tries to touch them coz they’re direct after all.

The ending sees Damien Crosse sitting on the top of Jacob Peterson and stroking his cock until he shoots all over Jacob Peterson’s easy, tattooed torso. Damien Crosse gets one foot on the ground as well as the other one up on the breakfast table as his hole fills with his cock.

He gets him all lubed-up and ready for his aching cock that is hard.Though these men tend to be more than your average twinks and, considering this is their first gay hardcore movie, they do brilliantly.‘Bear weekend’ is his first homosexual movies with this adult site.

Jacob Peterson discusses Damien Crosse straight to his handsome face, and then acknowledges that he has consistently had a big crush on him. It’s nicely natural as they swap around and the other is sucked by one man. Damien Crosse is a powerful appearing gay xxx porn star with fur throughout his muscular, body that is tough; he’s into kick boxing and weightlifting in a large way. He could be versatile with a six inch cut cock; he’s five foot eight with longish hair that is black and gradually and gentle brown eyes.