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William Seed – The new star at MEN

Eternity is a hardcore gay porn movie that has been filmed by Men, released by Gods Of Men, and stars two gorgeous guys with big dicks, William Seed, and all exclusive star to Men, Jordan Levine.

William Seed is pretty new to Men ( follow him on twitter here ) , and he is a gorgeous hunk with a well-toned body and a tight ass. He is five feet nine inches tall, has brown hair, brown (come to bed) eyes, and he is a hungry bottom with a seven-inch cut dick.
william seed

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This is William’s third movie with, and his other movies are: ‘Right In Front Of My Salad?’ with Jaxton Wheeler, and ‘How I Started,’ where he gets his ass ploughed hard and fast by Colby Keller.

Jordan Levine is an all exclusive star to, and he has a muscular body that is covered in some amazing tattoos. Jordan is a six-foot hunk with brown hair, sexy brown eyes, and he is versatile with a seven-inch cut dick and big balls.

Jordan has starred in fourteen gay porn vids, and in his next movie, he fucks the tasty ass off of Jeremy Spreadums in ‘Straight Secrets Part 1.’

Don’t expect a story line in this hot and horny gay porn movie, this gets stuck into the action straight away, which is something I love.

William Seed and Jordan Levine are kneeling up in bed kissing passionately. As they kiss, their hands are all over each other. Jordan pulls down William’s pants as he fondles and gropes his gorgeous firm butt cheeks, and shows us a taste of things to cum. He is the one in charge, and pushes William down onto the bed, pulls his pants off, and gets busy with his mouth as he sucks on William’s rock-hard cock.

William is stunning, and his eyes are glazed over with lust as he feels Jordon’s hot wet mouth sucking on his cock up and down, and playing with his big balls. Jordon gets so excited that he starts stroking his own cock as he carries on stroking and sucking William’s cock until it is covered in his saliva. William slowly thrusts his cock into Jordan’s mouth, and his cock gets so wet, that his balls even get covered in spit.

Jordan gets William on his knees, and as he is made to suck his cock, Jordan slaps William’s butt cheeks and strokes his firm ass all over. Jordan licks a finger, and as William carries on sucking his dick, Jordan circles his wet finger around William’s tight crack and starts finger fucking him. William pushes his ass back, and as Jordan finger fucks him deeper, William groans out with unabated excitement.

Keeping William on his hands and knees, Jordan moves around until his dick is aiming directly at that tight and tender butt hole. With a quick thrust, his cock is right in there, and William tightens his butt hole and clamps around that invading cock with a vice like grip. Jordan ploughs into that hungry ass and fucks him all over the bed.

Their moans and groans fill the room, and as William Seed gets drilled in the missionary position, his cum shoots out and splashes over his young body. Jordan Levine barely has time to rip off his condom before his cum cums out in thick creamy blobs and lands on William, who is still stroking his cock, and empty balls.

I love gay porn movies that get stuck straight into the action, and William Seed and Jordan Levine know how to turn each other on. Jordan loves to be in control and William loves to open up his ass for any sized dick that cums his way. This is cumtastic, and the close-up shots are such a turn on, that most of you guys will have cum before this movie ends. I did, then I did it again right at the end.